Friday, 14 February 2014

Photobooth package for 2014

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2014 packages for photobooth sebenarnya dah release lama dah, cuma lambat sikit update kat blog. bukan lambat sikit, lambat banyak sebenarnya. Ampun kan kami.... Been soooo busy for events, order, etc etc.

Nak tau latest update, jangan malu, jangan segan,
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Setelah introduction yang panjang lebar, mari lah kita sama² lihat photobooth package untuk tahun ini...
Jeng jeng jeng...

Mahukan photobooth yang bakal memeriahkan majlis anda? Simple, budget, but yet sooo happening!
This is what are you should grab, dearies! :)
Basic Package RM499

Mahukan photobooth kami mengikut tema dan konsep majlis anda? Dan...harga nya mahukan yang sedang² aja? This is what you are looking for.
Advance Package RM699 

Upgrade another RM100 to get your custom welcome board with free design  and frame rental. Boleh letak welcome board menggantikan fungsi "bunting" yang menjadi kebiasaan di majlis perkahwinan anda..
dan ohh, ada additional gambar ya. :)
Grand Package RM799 

And the last one...if you have extra budget just to make sure your guests will enjoy your wedding, this is the package that suits you well. Most of the items are custom made based on your wedding theme and concept. Trust us, you will never regret to choose this package.
Exclusive Package RM999

Note : Prices stated are excluded transportation

Interested enough?
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Okay dearies?

Thank you for reading!

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