Saturday, 22 September 2012

Guest Book Event Husna & Adam

Assalamualaikum! :))

Mari kita update secara marathon.hehe.. so sorry for late updating as kami terlalu busy dengan doorgift yang perlu disiapkan, tambah2 lagi every week pun kami ada event. dan kami bergerak secara part time sahaja..apepun, kami cuba yang terbaik untuk beri kepuasan kepada semua customer kami.. :)

Okay, let's have a look at Husna & Adam's event.
Date: 16 September 2012
Location: Dewan UMNO, Kuala Selangor

berebut2 nak drop wishes pada pengantin..

u may now place your booking,

Looking forward to serve you darls!! :))

Wedding Guest Book Event Lily + Fizi

Assalamualaikum dearies..:)

Teaser post dah lama, ni baru nak update. hew hew. ;p
Jom kita layan gambar Majlis Perkahwinan Lily & Fizi...

Lily <3 Fizi

opss menyelit sebentar. :)

Pengantin yan cantik, pemandangan yang menarik, props yang happening, photographer kami yang :)

Apa tunggu lagi?jommm book your date dengan kami. :D

Doorgift :)

Assalamualaikum bride to be sekalian..:)

Ada sesiapa yang tengah cari doorgift utk wedding ke..birthday party ke..this is good news for you!

this is brown paper bag with tapak, tali, doilies paper and of course customised sticker. :)

email us now at


Friday, 7 September 2012

Efkay creation's product


For those who are new with us, let me introduce ourselves.
Efkaycreation's founder, fara & ida.
Customer satisfaction is the one that we are really strive into, as we believe the mouth-to-mouth recommendation is really works. :)

Come, let us introduce our product.

This is our main package:
*the price is exclude transportation :)

For more clear picture, you may visit our facebook to enjoy the picture of events that we ever handle before. :)

Other than this main package, we do offer:

Guestbook signage:

Yes, dear. The signage is only RM25 together with the frame and decoration. :)

Props for photobooth:

Price: RM5/props.
*with minimum order of 5props.
But dear, this promotion for props is only for first 10 customers. Hurry up dear, before it is too late. :)


For more info regarding the doorgift, drop your emails at

We are looking forward to serve you, one day. :D

Promotion: Props for photobooth


Atas permintaan ramai customer kami, inilah product terbaru props for photobooth dari kami, efkaycreation! :D
U may set up your own table and put the props in together with the guestbook maybe, for guest to capture picture. :)
This is some examples of props for photobooth that you alls may order from us.

colourful isn't? :)

You may give us your own wording and we design them for you!

For promotion, we open for the first 10 customer below price:
RM5/props but with minimum order of 5 units.

Hurry up dear!
We already received few orders since yesterday.

Till then!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Guest Book Event - Xieya & Affan


Xieya & Affan
Date : 1 September 2012
Venue : Sekinchan
Theme : Red & Black

Special Edition Guest Book for Xieya. :D

This is part of table decoration.

200pcs candy wll be provided for those who come and take a picture at our booth. :)

 24pcs of colourful pen will be provided.
Which colour do you like the most? :D
Just pick them up!

Our package:
Photobooth + Wedding Guest Book + On the spot print picture

Leave wishes to the newly weds. :)

Meriah! :)

We are still open the promotion, until end of this year.

Book us know, and we'll guarantee your satisfaction with our services. :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Teaser : Guestbook event for Xieya & Affan

Assalamualaikum! :)

Sebulan senyap, sekarang dah sampai masa untuk kami mengaum! :D

Date: 1 September 2012
Venue: Sekinchan
Noraziah & Izrul Affan

Wait for the full story from us! :)

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