Friday, 14 February 2014

Paperbag for Various Party and Event

Assalamualaikum & Hi! :)

Nah, siapa nak cari packaging for doorgift, mula² semangat nak DIY tapi last² macam tak berapa nak menjadi? hihi. This is for you. Yes, you.

Doorgift untuk majlis apa? Just name it, we do it for you.
Wedding? Akikah? Cukur Jambul? Birthday?
Jom tengok.

Brown paperbag for wedding day, ordered by Najwa.
RM1.80 each
Price including :
Brown/white paperbag
2.5inch (6.2cm) scallop circle sticker
5.5inch white/colourful doilies paper
Ribbon (based on event's colour theme)
Free design charges

White paperbag for birthday party, order by Chenta Keisha Karmila. (I don't know her real name. tapi ni nama kat FB dia. If you ada baca, oh hi! :) thank you for always choosing us to have something for your cute son!Anak macam mat saleh. Omeyy hihi)
RM1.60 each
Price including:
Brown/white paperbag
Custom-made sticker
Colourful love button
Free design charges

Brown paperbag for Majlis Cukur Jambul, sekali pakej dengan Akikah, mungkin. hihii. Ordered by Amy Roll (nama FB jugak. hihi)
RM1.50 each
Price including:
Brown/white paperbag
2.5inch (6.2cm) scallop circle sticker
4.5inch white/colourful doilies paper
Colourful love button
Free design charges

So macam mana?
Jommm contact us ya, for any further inquiries and order.
We will more than happy to serve you.

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Thank you for reading! :) 

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